Behind the Scenes


Yosemite National Park, California

Shooting with child actress, Zoephia for a spec commercial in Yosemite.

Los Angeles, California

Working with stunt coordinator Pete Turner to capture a scissor kick for a G-Fuel commercial.



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Shooting the retirement home scene for "Smile."



Manhattan, New York

Shooting on a sail boat for Jacira's new music video, "Bad Boy."



Albuquerque, New Mexico

Filming for a hot air balloon scene that takes place in "Smile."



Albuquerque, New Mexico

Filming for a hot air balloon scene that takes place in "Smile."


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Shooting the playground scene for the "Spend Some Money" music video



Big Bear, California

Picking up landscape shots along some of the most scenic overlooks in Big Bear, CA


Anza-Borrego Desert, California

Kevin Quinn, our 1st AC, cleaning the camera as we prepare to film a desert scene for an adventure sequence.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Shooting at Invincible Pictures studio for "Eleven" music video


Hagerstown Airport, Maryland

Lighting the interior plane scenes for Static.


Manhattan, New York

In the middle of a jib shot for a pick up scene in Looking Down. 


Los Angeles, California

Headed toward downtown LA in a helicopter capturing aerial video.


Duluth, Minnesota

Location scouting for a winter scene for a short film.


Amherst, Maine

Shooting a scene of two men talking with a candle on the table. The entire scene was lit using fire from tiki torches to make it appear as if the characters are being lit by candle light.


Amherst, Maine

Shooting a scene from Static in frigid temperatures.


San Bernardino Mountains, California

Filming aerial footage for Convergence. We had to paraglide to get shots close to the ground, where a helicopter couldn't safely fly.


Cologne, Germany

Shooting to showcase landmarks across Europe.


Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Jake Beckhardt (1st AC) and Joe Staehly (DP) in the back of Yanni Rozes' truck. We shot for 10 hours straight in the snow, for a slow motion snow scene showing a woman's struggle with the loss of her youth.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Shooting pick up shots for Looking Down in a swamp.

Shooting B-Roll for  Looking Down  in a swamp in Louisiana 


Santa Monica Mountains, California

Waiting for the sun to rise as we prep to shoot "I Don't Owe You Nothin'" music video